About the beauty of Mazatlán, the land of the deer

   There is a unique city in the #1 retirement destination for Americans and Canadians according to the International Living Magazine, is a very special city for several reasons: It combines the beauty of a beach destination with the enchantment of thousands of years of history visible on its old constructions in the historic district. Also, this city enjoys the largest boardwalk in all of México, where every afternoon, all kind of people from many nationalities gather to enjoy it by jogging, skating, taking pictures of the amazing sunsets, doing yoga, getting a beer on an oceanfront bar, or a coffee with a friend, exercising in a gym while looking at the ocean, or just walking all over it while getting caressed by the sea breeze that never stops, giving us a very pure and healthy air to breath all year long. This city also enjoys the highest functional natural lighthouse in the world, adored by exercise lovers, who go day and night to bask the breathtaking views from the top with the unbeatable satisfaction of exercising. In this city, originally founded by Europeans to take advantage of the dock natural facilities, most of the population is tourist oriented, especially on tourist areas; most of the people speaks good English and will be glad to help if you have any question or need assistance, that´s why, according to recent stats 95% of tourist come back, it’s understandable that they like the warmth of this people, who always show an smile to visitors. This city, other than combining beach attractions with history, also combines the conveniences of five stars resorts with all the benefits granted by a big city (almost 500,000 inhabitants) that was here quite before the tourists discover it, having the fishing and the main commercial activity. You can still have a very nice living for only about $1000 USD a month, cheap medicines and health services at a fraction of what they are back home, beachfront hotels for as cheap as $30 USD a night, insurances lower than up north, everything you have at home for entertainment and a little more: horseback riding, beach tours, parachuting, movie theaters, lots of cultural events, whale watching, snorkeling, kayaking, nature tours, casinos, fishing, hunting…well the list may take a while to be finished, do you want to keep reading or coming to discover by yourself?

     So, this city was called “The Pearl of the Pacific” for several reasons: it has an excellent location, pretty close of the Tropic of Cancer, what means the best weather in the world, just like Cabo and Hawaii but a lot more affordable. Also, as a symbolic meaning, “The pearl of the Pacific” is a hidden treasure that not many people know about, what makes it even more enjoyable.

     This hidden treasure, this beach destination with city facilities and a lot of history, this unbeatable place to enjoy is called Mazatlán.

     I came here 16 years ago planning to stay just a couple of months and… it was love at first sight!, after being in half of the states of my gorgeous country and lived in several places, I think I have found my place to stay, I never had this lifestyle before, and that’s why I decided to share it and promote it. Hope you have the chance to come soon, believe me: you won’t regret. 

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   And...welcome to Mazatlan!